Best way to earn money in coming years: WordPress or YouTube

Both platforms are well known in today’s world. As far as we can see, people are earning a handsome amount of money from both platforms. If you are more into writing, you can definitely go for a WordPress blog. And, if you want people to know you and embrace you by your face, then go for a YouTube channel.

Both of these need your hard work. You will have to put your 100% into it, only then you can achieve heights.

So, before going any deeper, first, understand what is WordPress and YouTube individually.

What is WordPress?


wordpress vs youtube

WordPress is a platform for website creation. It is open source as well as free. It is probably the most powerful platform to create websites. The golden point is that you don’t need to know even a bit of any coding to create your own website. Most people use WordPress for blogging or to create an online store.

From the entire web, almost 35% is powered by WordPress alone. Many of the popular blogs and some of the most popular online stores are also managed by WordPress.

The platform is super easy to set-up and run. Beginner bloggers should always go for WordPress. It is the most reliable platform to make a good online presence without so much investment.

Some popular WordPress websites are:

  • qualtrics.com
  • dyn.com
  • nationalarchives.gov.uk
  • sonymusic.com
  • nytco.com
  • group.renault.com
  • marinsoftware.com
  • adespresso.com etc.

What is YouTube?



It is a video sharing platform, created in America. It allows the users to upload, share, view, rate, comment, or like the videos. YouTubers create their channels on YouTube and gather a huge audience by providing quality content to their viewers. There are unlimited options to start with on YouTube. You can choose any niche which interests you.

People earn even millions and billions from their YouTube channels. But it is surely not an easy task for anyone. Nobody can get famous in a day. It takes time, a lot of time and determination.

Whether you rely on YouTube or WordPress for earning, it will need all your determination and hard work.


So, now we know what is YouTube and WordPress. So, let’s move further knowledge about what all we need to get started with both individually.

Requirements to get started with WordPress:

In comparison to YouTube, WordPress does not ask much from you to get started. You will definitely need these two things:

  • Domain
  • Hosting

Other than these two, you just need a little knowledge of the features of WordPress. You don’t need any coding skills or any language.

Requirements to get started with YouTube:

Comparatively, there are a lot more things that you need for becoming a YouTuber. However, we suggest the following components:

  • Filming Equipment: You will need to buy a nice camera so that the videos have good picture quality.
  1. A tripod stand.
  2. A mic.
  • Editing Software: For windows, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere may work.
  • For Mac, Adobe premiere would be a good option.
  • Post Editing: For thumbnails, people widely use Photoshop. You can also use Canva or any other product online.

When you have all these things sorted, you can start posting videos. Even if you have less number of views there, analyze your viewers’ point of view. You should examine what they liked and what sort of content they would like to see more.

The battle: WordPress VS YouTube

People are earning from both the platforms undoubtedly. But, we cannot say anything about which is the best platform among these two. The golden key here is people have their uniqueness or fallbacks which only they know. So, keeping those in mind, one can choose any one of these.

We are here discussing some points which will help you to clear your doubts and will take you to the right path for you.

  • Quality Content: Be it YouTube or WordPress, quality always matters. If you are not providing quality content to your audience, it is all a waste of time and effort. The content should not be copied or plagiarized. Create your unique content. Provide your ideas in front of your viewers. Gather all the trust of your audience and you will go good always.

The best way to create content is by knowing about the problems faced by your audience. When you will find solutions for their problems, they will start trusting you for things. This way your audience will come again and again to you.

  • Equipment to get started: YouTube asks for more shooting or editing equipment than WordPress. While in WordPress, you just your writing skills sorted, a domain, and web hosting. This is all you need. So, if we see from an investment point of view, WordPress is better than YouTube.
  • Hard work and determination: It is the key factor to get success with any of the two. You will have to have a lot of patience too. Being determined is the golden key to success.
  • Growth of the digital community: Until you are creating unique and quality content, you cannot get down on any platform. Both WordPress and YouTube may grow fast. But A little patience is a must. For getting more growth, you can also get your hands on any regional language. Google is also focusing more on regional languages. Also, there is lesser competition in regional languages.
  • Google AdSense: When you gain a huge audience, both the platforms will help you make money. But, if we talk in comparison, then Google AdSense pays a little more to the blogs. So, if you are good at writing, then it is a nice option for you to start.
  • Sponsored posts: Sponsored products are easier to manage with blogs because you just have to write a review about the product. While as a YouTuber, the unboxing video of any product goes a long way and it is tougher than just writing about it.
  • Identity revealing: If you do not want to show your face to your audience then WordPress will work well for you. This is because YouTube demands the videos showing your face. This way people will more engage with your channel.
  • Long-term management: If you have a YouTube channel, only you can make videos there. If the face will get changed, the channel may collapse. But, in the case of WordPress blogs, you can pay other writers too to write to you. So, management gets easier with blogs. You do not have to be stuck to writing. Hiring some highly skilled writers may enhance your audience’s trust.

So, keeping all these points in mind, you all can now figure it all out. You can decide which one may work better for you.

Earning with YouTube and WordPress is something that is equally tough, but can be achieved of course.

Take into consideration your budget, your future plans, your interests, etc., and then go for the option which you find right.

You can also opt for both- WordPress and YouTube if you can handle both at the same time. Seek the issues of your viewers and look for solutions. Sharing these things with the audience will take you to heights.

Each one of these has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, make a wise decision.

Good luck!

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