Blog Monetization | Earn from your blog with these 9 pro tactics

Woohoo! Congratulations on setting up your blog and attracting the traffic which makes you feel confident. Blogging is a diverse field in which you can choose your interest without any pressure and you can just, write. Writing your thoughts about something you love makes you more and more satisfied and content Blog Monetization.

So now, when you are happy showing people your content ideas; it is time to earn from your passion for writing.

Yes, you are thinking just RIGHT. We are talking about Blog Monetization.

Some of us know about it while many of us don’t. So, before moving any further, let’s first know what exactly is blog monetization.

Blog Monetization: A real quick introduction


blog monetization

When you set up a blogging website on a particular niche, you could have started it just for the sake of your passion or to share your views about a particular topic with the world. But, after it gets popular and people approach your content more frequently, it can make you money too. This process of making money with the help of your blog is referred to as Blog Monetization.

There are several ways your blog can help your earn money and we will be discussing some of the major blog monetization strategies which are tested by many bloggers of different niches.

Before getting you to the methods of blog monetization, let’s see some of the examples where bloggers are earning a handsome amount of money with these methods (PS- Let’s get inspired).

  • is an unbiased website of the electronics and gadgets industry. They monetize with the help of affiliate links and banner ads.
  • is a website that provides design and creative art updates. The blog monetization methods they use are again affiliate marketing and banner ads.
  • This website talks about general life. The key to attract readers is its catchy design and honest writing style. They use PPC (Pay Per Click) and banner Ads for monetization.

These are just a few names, but the online world is full of such live examples. The simple website monetization tactics, time, and passion can definitely take your name entered in that list.

Does this term make sense to you now?

Yes, great! So come, let’s sink further.

So finally, the wait is over. Now it’s time to understand the top 9 methods of Blog Monetization.


9 Blog Monetization methods which can help you earn handsome money:

  1. Propose a Paid Membership Program for your readers/viewers
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Write an eBook and sell it
  4. Create an Online course
  5. Banner ads (Display Advertising)
  6. Generate side income by sponsored reviews/posts
  7. Provide personal consultancy/ coaching/service
  8. Provide personal consultancy/ coaching/service
  9. Flipping (aka Build & sell)


1. Propose a Paid Membership Program for your readers/viewers: A blog is not a business, yet you can transform your blog into a business. A Membership Plan may help you in doing so.

A Membership website is a gated segment of your website for which your website visitors may subscribe annually or even monthly and in return, they will get swish benefits.

You must be thinking that why would people pay to see your content. The answer to this is people will pay to see the exclusive content you offer to your subscribers. It may include exclusive articles, reports, consultancy, real meetings, webinars, and so on. People love being around like-minded people and stuff. This is why you can gain subscribers.

The sense of belonging and community attracts people towards your content and membership.

The thing which is pretty interesting about membership sites is people find people with similar interests. And this makes them feel inspired and gratified after subscribing to you.

For instance, let’s take a girl named Liza. She is very much interested in studying plants. Also, she has a well-maintained and successful blogging website. When she adds the offer to subscribe to her readers, she gets to convert her audience into a community of plant lovers.

All the subscribers share their doubts, confusions, enjoy the exclusive material she provides. This develops a feeling of belonging among them. Also, Liza is having a handsome amount of income as well as a community to serve and get inspired.

This way developing a membership site helps in making a handsome revenue if you do it well.


2. Affiliate Marketing: Among all the tactics we consider in blog monetization, affiliate marketing is the most commonly used.

About 15% of revenue in the complete digital Industry is from Affiliate Marketing alone. It is such a huge part.

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing another brand’s products or services on your blog. You generate an affiliate link for a particular product and when someone purchases the product

from your link, you get a commission for that. This is one of the most popular and attractive ways to monetize your blog.

The reasons why affiliate marketing attract most people are:

  • You don’t manufacture the product yourself.
  • Any support or fulfillment backwash is not your responsibility.
  • You have the freedom to choose any product from any platform related to your
  • Several bloggers are adopting this and being successful.

It apparently means that you just need 3 things to get started as an Affiliate Marketer which are:

  • A niche of your interest.
  • An affiliate product to promote related to your niche.
  • Last, but not least; an audience to sell the product.

Once you got the audience, you need to find products to promote. The next question which arises here is where to get products from. Here we are giving a list of platforms for the same:

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Clickbank Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • RakutenThough, affiliate marketing is not as easy as it is seeming to you right now. You will need to put so much effort into building an audience, finding suitable products with a good commission. It all takes HUGE efforts. But, surely you can do it.The best tip we can give you for this is Treat the product you are selling as if it is your own manufacture and you will get to be among the stars. Just be truthful to your audience.


3. Write an eBook and sell it: Selling eBooks is a super-duper method to monetize your blog. While you have developed a blogging website and an audience, you can write an eBook to serve it as your exclusive content.

eBooks are relatively easy to write and you can price them just accurately so that your readers can afford it.

An eBook is a way for your viewers to analyze your highly-priced content. They can judge your content by getting your low-risk and cheap eBooks.

  • Where can you sell your eBook?You don’t compulsorily need to have too many subscribers to sell an eBook. You can make it by promoting your eBook on Social Media or newsletters, hosting a giveaway at first, or listing your book on Product Hunt.Your personal blog is the best place to sell your eBook, yet you can also use platforms like Podia, Gumroad, etc.

    Your own blog is the best platform as it lets you keep 90% of your profit.

    You can also list your book on Amazon Kindle, but here, you get only 70% of the profit.

    eBooks can be on every topic, be it fitness, education, digital marketing, blogging, plant science, gardening, etc.


4. Create an Online Course: Almost every blogger out there is teaching one or another thing to their viewers. So, why not create an online course and sell it on your platform to your visitors?

It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

You don’t need any teaching experience or so to create a course. What you need is knowledge because knowledge is your power. When you have got to know more about your niche than your readers, you are ready to move.

The important thing is how you represent your information so that people taking your course can extract valued content from that.

  • How to choose the topic of your online course?

You know well about your niche. You know what problems people face in your field of work. This is just enough! You are good to go now.

Analyze a problem, find a solution, and give it to people facing the same problem.

Let’s take the example of Ramit Sethi, a financial planner. He earns millions just through the courses he has made. What he does is help people eliminate their difficulties regarding his field of work i.e. financials.

In the same way, you can do it too.

The generation is digital and people are more exposed to online study material than to the real world.

Now, how can you find what problems they are facing? You can get the answer to this by taking a survey or reading the comments to your blogs only.

Try to find what people are liking about your content or what they think you are lacking in. This helps most of the bloggers out there and will help you too.


5. Banner ads (Display Advertising): You know well, how we hate ads popping on the screen or video ads at the sidebars of any web page when we are reading or anything. But still, they are a quite nice way to monetize your blog.

Display ads are not so good for monetization. But you should give it a try. They don’t make a lot of money, but it’s still an effective means. You just need to try because they actually work and are the fastest method to monetize (Though not very profitable).

Many bloggers start the monetization process with this technique before getting their hands upon something else for all the true reasons.

These banner ads are definitely not permanent. They can be easily removed when you get another better way to monetize.

You can do it with Google AdSense.

There are some rules and requirements that you should know before applying to Google AdSense. These are:

  • Your age should be 18 or more.
  • You should have a legit Gmail account which is not already linked to AdSense.
  • Your website should meet all the terms and conditions provided by Google.

Other than these, we are providing you some tips to earn more effectively with Google AdSense.

  • Apply for AdSense at least after 3 months of launching the website.
  • Keep your website full of valued content for your readers.
  • There is no such rule regarding minimum traffic, but remember more traffic, more earning through AdSense.


6. Generate side income by sponsored reviews/posts: Who is your favorite “influencer”? There must be plenty of influencers you know, follow and appreciate. But, what about being one? It looks like a dream, isn’t it?

Being an influencer seemed to be for millennials to me earlier, but it is actually not so.

You can be an influencer, I can be an influencer. What you need is just a nice following list and you are all done.

People having blogs and many readers are themselves a brand, even without selling a single piece of anything. Seems interesting, right?

To post any sort of sponsored content on one’s blog, he/she will charge the company for the same. It is not very common but it works because bloggers have a huge audience who follow their deeds or interests in a way or another.

Also, you must be thinking about influencers on Instagram or YouTube, But, trust me, there is a lot more than that.

Writing a sponsored blog, be it in the form of a review or talking about the benefits of any particular product, is called influencer marketing. The growth in Influencer marketing is infinite. It is going to excel a lot more in the upcoming years.

You should keep in mind while indulging in Influencer Marketing, that you need to be completely honest about your feedback and review. Being honest is important in this because you are the influence for your readers and if they find that product not up to their expectations, you will be cursed.

So, better to provide only genuine and truthful information to your viewers about any product you are promoting.


7. Provide personal consultancy/ coaching/service: It is the time you have created eBooks and online courses for your readers. They are liking your way of making them understand the concepts (Concepts or knowledge might be related to any field). What next?

Again, You know people have problems, right? And you have the caliber to solve them out. So, it is time to show your talent and knowledge to the world.

People want to get personal assistance and consultancy always. While eBooks and courses have the general of everything.

Confused? Let’s take an example, a digital marketing expert has a blog. He writes about everything related to digital marketing only. People have their trust in him. He now gives personal consultancy services to people to make their brand’s online presence effective. It can be through an online meeting on say, on Skype.

You can charge as per the time you are giving or the services you are providing. It is just a one-to-one interaction to solve their problems.

Along with your consultancy services through Skype call, you can afterward attach an email with the written form of solutions. Clients will count it as a positive point of your service.

It is such a good option to increase the interaction with your readers as well as to gain extra income and knowledge.


8. Monetize by selling Physical Products: You can directly sell products on your website. I have seen people turning their blogs into an eCommerce website.

There is a popular brand named Beardbrand which got converted into an online store which earlier started as a blog. It now sells beard grooming products.

When you have developed a huge audience, it becomes easier to sell products to these people because they already have faith in you.

The key is always the problems, your audience has. Solve them as you go and you are all done with the idea of giving value to them.


9. Flipping (aka Build & Sell): Flipping, what it is and how it works? Here it goes,

People create a blogging website, maintain it, build a nice audience, and then sell. This is Flipping.

The logic behind flipping is many of the buyers, rather half of them have no time to build an audience. And, it becomes the reason they buy a website for their brand.

One more way is to buy a dead and underutilized website and make it a success by putting all the possible efforts and then sell it at a much much higher price.

The process goes like-

Buy à Improve à Sell

(PS- You can purchase a website from Flippa)



You must have arrived at this post because you want to monetize your blog, Right? While you have read all the best ways of blog monetization, you should also figure out which one can work for your website.

Starting a blog is comparatively easier than to start making money from it. Yes, it is DIFFICULT, but it is WORTH all the efforts you will put in. The process is tiring, but satisfying.

You need not have a huge audience to start monetization as there are ways you can earn with less audience too. (You have already seen now).

You need not worry about the niche you have chosen. You can monetize any kind of blog, be it games, cooking, marketing, social media, gardening, or whatever.

We hope that now you have some strategies to work upon.

So, Good Luck with your Blog Monetization.



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