WordPress v/s Blogger: which one will rule the digital world?

Wo​rendering to start your own personal blog page?

Can I create my blog page free of cost?

Do I need to know coding to develop my own website?

What’s the best digital platform for website building and blogging Blogger vs WordPress?

You might have thought about it all a lot, isn’t it?? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the concept of Blogger vs WordPress ​.We’ll explain to you how these platforms work, which will suit you the most for your blogging, its pros and cons, and a lot more.

Note: Never rely upon the broken and incomplete knowledge provided by your friends or colleagues regarding how to start your own blogging and things related to it.

For more such valuable yet informative content make sure you read this article towards its end. We’ll make sure all your doubts and puzzle mind get a clear picture. By this, you’ll be able to decide which platform fits the best. Let’s get started!

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WordPress v/s Blogger- Which CMS to choose?

Here, there is a piece of brief information given upon blogger and WordPress from this you may get a little clear picture in the head which suits more.

Blogger- ​This is easy to use platform owned by Google here, you may write and publish your content on a blog immediately. In this you just need a google account to create a free profile after that you can build a new blog right away. In this, it has a few designs and functionality features. It also has a less attractive user interface. Moreover, for this, you don’t require any hosting plan because it’s a 100% free solution for creating your own blogs.

WordPress- ​It is a complete package of Content Management System(CMS) that helps you to design and build your content online.WordPress can basically be used to create any kind of website. However, it began its journey as a blogging platform which is still suited for that application. Like the blogger, WordPress also supports a free solution to create your blogs but the difference is that it doesn’t provide you with hosting. For this you are asked to choose a hosting plan after that pick your domain name then you are all set ready to install and set your WordPress site. It is a modern and feature-rich site. It has “n” no. of options when it comes to designs, features, and maintenance. It has an excellent user interface and gives you full control over the look and feel of the website.


wordpress vs blogger


WordPress– Complete package for any kind of website

All those who want to take their hobby of blogging at a large scale or want to enter into the zone of e-commerce, online news site, business at an upscale via the digital platform. So, for them, WordPress could be a one-stop solution.WordPress not only allows you to design and build your website for blogging it also gives you an edge to kickstart your own business. The best thing it can be used by both beginners and advanced users. It allows you to create complex websites from scratch which requires consistent hard work and dedication towards it, all over it gives you an edge towards higher learning skills.

The best thing about the WordPress community is they provide you with a step-by-step guide to set up your website and are always ready to answer all your questions. It is an open-source CMS which means there are no limitations and you may use it the way you want to. At times it might impose some sort of rules related to website content, just make a smart move accordingly. For this, you will require a web hosting server to host your website.


wordpress vs blogger


Blogger – A 100% free solution to create and publish blog

Blogger is best suited for those budding writers who don’t want to spend any amount upon publishing their content on the website. That is absolutely a healthy option for all those who want to explore their writing skills and want to gain more knowledge in this field. To build your blog on blogger all you need is to create a free profile, for which u need to make a google account on the first note. You will be provided with a variety of themes to design the appearance, layout, title of your blog.

Select a URL after that you will get access to the dashboard where you will be able to create posts, add pages to your blog, see and respond to the comments and along with it perform basic blog-related stuff. whatever, changes you will make over here will be visible and updated upon the live site immediately.

2020 Match begins between WordPress v/s Blogger

Let’s get started with the match between two strong contenders of digital marketing platforms ie WordPress v/s Blogger. This match cannot be started until and unless we analyze and compare the features they offer. So below are some of the major differences been discussed further in the article:-

1. The owner of the website-

In the case of bloggers, you’ll be bound to google in terms of the owner because it is responsible to deal with the hosting of your website. For this, you must be connected to your google account. If you lose your Google account connection then there are higher chances that you will lose your own website completely.

In WordPress, you may rule your website the way you want to. It is an open-source CMS that means there are absolutely no limitations in using it. Also here you are the sole person to host the website where services are provided by the web hosting provider.


2. Account required

For bloggers, it is essential to have a google account to set up your account. If you already have it then you are just required to log in and you are straight away at your business. The sign-up process is extremely easy and you may manage more than 1 blog using a single google account.

WordPress is surely not an easy process, it will require extra attention since here you are the responsible person for hosting your website which will require some procedures and steps to be followed consciously. In this, you will be asked to register your domain name and then sign up with your hosting provider to run your website.


3. Look and feel of the website

The most essential part of the website isn’t it? There is a popular saying, “You eat with your eyes first” which that means what you see first makes an image of it in your mind. Here, the blogger gives you some themes to choose from but doesn’t make them look unique. Because the internet will be flooded with so many similar websites used by people that you will not be able to gain extra attention from viewers. Ultimately in the end you need to pay for something like a professional. Blogger is just a blogging platform.

In WordPress changing appearance in it is like a cakewalk. It consists of so many plugins that help to modify various aspects of CMS. Since it is an open-source that lets people modify the code behind it to create something unique and out of the box. This is the main reason why WordPress websites look so professional and amazing. Here, you may create mind-blowing and show stopper websites for your e-commerce business, portfolios, and much more.


4. Futuristic zone

Blogger hasn’t been updated for long which is a matter of worry. Since Google has almost ruined or you may say killed some of its popular services before, therefore users should expect a sudden move from the company.

WordPress on the other hand is always updated and reassures enough for the future. They always make sure that things are done beforehand. Most importantly it has a great future ahead.

Pros and cons between WordPress v/s blogger.

It’s time to deeply understand and analyze the positive and negative aspects of both WordPress and blogger. Moreover, once you go through these aspects it will give a better understanding and a clear picture in your head that which suits your business the best and applies to you.

Time to get started:-

● Pros of the blogger:-
  1. Quick and simple to get started with your personal blog
  2.  You will learn how to create content using primary features right away if you are an aspiring writer
  3. You don’t require any kind of hosting plan since it is a 100% free solution platform to create content
 ● Cons of a blogger:-
  1. The platform is very basic and cannot do anything except creating a standard blog and posting content
  2. Options to customize your blog appearance and features are very restricted
  3. You don’t “fully own” your blog because it is sitting on the google server

Now it’s time to have a look at the Pros and cons of WordPress.As it is normal to say that each and everything has its positive and negative thing but you should choose which one is the best fit for you.

● Pros of WordPress:-
  1. WordPress host handle’s the setup
  2. It is beginner-friendly and easy to use and learn, even if you are something simple ie blog
  3. The existence of customization options is numerous in the forms of themes and plugins which helps you to shape up your website the way you desire.
● Cons of WordPress:-
  1. It will require monetary investment while purchasing hosting for your website
  2. You need to be more responsible and ensure that all the rules imposed by it are followed properly also your site is secure and it performs well.

We believe that the small glimpse upon WordPress v/s blogger would have given you a clear mindset that among them which one suits your profession the most. Both the platforms are equally good according to their way now it is completely your decision to make a wise choice that suits you well.


We believe that knowledge imparts by us upon WordPress v/s blogger must have given you a clear picture which suits best for you isn’t it? Still, if you are unable to decide which suits you the best a small recap all together will help you to understand in a better way which one to choose from.

Blogger – It is an altogether a completely free platform, very simple to use when it comes to blogging. However, the options for customizing the blogs are limited. It rules under the google server that means you don’t have sole authority over it.

WordPress– It requires a little more time to set up a website and get started with it. It offers tons of customization options and along with it also provide many features for advanced users and will scale easily with your blogs as it grows. Most importantly it is not just restricted to blogging you may also take up your business or else start an e-commerce website through it. We hope our article would have helped you to understand the concepts clearly related to blogger and WordPress.For more questions and queries related to it feel free to write in the comment section below.

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